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A master watchmaker from Geneva who dazzles the world with his brilliant mechanisms

Antoine Preziuso was born in Geneva in 1957. Legend has it that he successfully assembled his first watch at the age of seven. At 17, Preziuso took admission in one of Geneva’s watchmaking schools. He graduated at 21 as the top student in watchmaking and restoration – a precocious prodigy in the art of watchmaking. Frank Muller was his classmate. Preziuso joined Patek Philippe, where he made top-of-the-line watches, while also gaining experience in the restoration of antique timepieces for auction houses and antiquorums. In 1981, Preziuso decided to go it alone. By 1993, he had announced the first watch under his own brand. In 1995, Preziuso became a regular member of the Académie Horlogère des Créateurs Indépendants, and came into the limelight after his first exhibition in the BaselWorld Watch and Jewellery Show. Preziuso’s specialty is creating ultra-complex timepieces housing complex horological mechanisms and automaton wrist-watches. His constant endeavor is to create beautiful and revolutionary timepieces. Preziuso also collaborates with other watch brands – Harry Winston’s Opus is his creation – and is one of Geneva’s best independent watchmakers today.

Timepiece Movie
Timepiece Description

Mystery Minute Repeater (Released 2008) Piece Unieque
A square-shaped case with no slide or button?
This mystery minute repeater is a bit out of the ordinary.
This is a minute repeater watch, which gives you the time aurally, by striking the hour and minutes accurately at a regular rhythm, using an inbuilt wire gong and small hammer. Minute repeater watches always have a slide-type switch or push-button to activate the mechanism, which tells you at a glance that they are minute repeaters.

This particular model was created using the rotating bezel, for which Antoine Preziuso obtained the patent in 1991. It has neither a slide switch nor a push button, and is moreover square-shaped, which is very rare in a minute repeater watch. By rotating the bezel of the square case to the right, the minute repeater functionality can be activated.

From the aperture on the lower half of the square face of the watch, which is made of white gold, you can enjoy the mechanism by which the small seconds hand moves. The aperture on the “0” at the 10 o’ clock position allows you to watch the hammer strike the gong. For the movement of this square-cased minute repeater watch, a Jaeger-LeCoultre Ebauche (base) movement from almost a hundred years ago was restored.

The watch also has artistic hand engravings. Thanks to such efforts, it was able to get the Geneval Seal (a former standard), which officially certifies that a watch has been manufactured in accordance with the traditional watchmaking techniques of Geneva.

The watch has a sterling silver hunter case, meaning that the back of the case can be opened or closed at will.

The crown of the watch as well as the hands and numbers on the dial are also very uniquely shaped, and hand-crafted.
This is probably the rarest of Preziuso’s timepieces, being the only one of its kind – a second one cannot be created even if Preziuso wanted.

Mystery Minute Repeater




This watch is available for viewing in the Gallery.

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Manual Winding
Case size 45 x 45 mm
Sterling silver case
Water Resistant to 3 ATM