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Christiaan van der Klaauw was born in Leiden, in the Netherlands. This is where the Leiden Observatory has been operating since the 17th century, and Christiaan showed a keen interest in astronomy from an early age.

After graduating from engineering college in Leiden and completing a course in clockmaking, van der Klaauw started work at a clock manufacturer in 1967. In 1974 he began producing complex astronomical clocks on his own. He built a succession of clocks featuring mechanisms designed to replicate the complex motion of celestial bodies, in homage to the astronomical clocks in European churches that date back to the 14th century. Before long, van der Klaauw had established an undisputed global reputation as a leading craftsman in the field of astronomical clocks. His standing rose further with the decision to expand into astronomical watches in 1994. Van der Klaauw has created a number of astronomical designs on behalf of leading watch brands, such as the Midnight Planetarium (Poetic Complication) Timepiece with Van Cleef & Arpels, which replicates the motion of planets in the solar system. Released in 2014 to considerable acclaim, the Midnight Planetarium mechanical watch was conceived as an intricate mechanism designed to replicate the laws of space, and established van der Klaauw as the preeminent astronomical watchmaker of our time.

CEO Daniël Reintjes
Daniël Reintjes has worked closely with Christiaan van der Klaauw for many years and was appointed CEO of the company that bears his name in 2009. Himself an accomplished designer with a long history of joint collaboration with leading jewelry manufacturers, Reintjes is the driving force behind the global success of the van der Klaauw brand.

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Real Moon Joure Custom Made White gold with aventurine dial Diamonds bezel 3D-Moon with diamonds
Stunning diamond set 3-D Moon Phase mechanism replicates the phases of the moon with incredible accuracy
The Moon Phase timepiece is not only the most accurate in the world, but combines innovative design to make it one of the most beautiful.

The moon is surely the most familiar celestial body after the sun. The Moon Phase mechanism shows the waxing and waning phases of the moon. There is a long and interesting history behind these mechanisms. The first mechanical timepieces were seen as sacred machines with the power to replicate the very laws of nature laid down by God and describing the cycle of a full day from sunrise to sunset. From around the 13th century, there was great interest in the use of celestial complication mechanisms in timepieces such as turret clocks to replicate the movement of the moon, sun and constellations across the sky. Clockmakers competed to produce striking complication mechanisms that served as popular symbolic expressions of the power of God and the church. These timepieces were commonly seen in church towers and cathedrals.

The moon phase is the most basic of the complication mechanisms, and appears on a great many mechanical and quartz watches today. In fact, the moon phase has become almost commonplace on modern watches.

And yet, although the functionality may be relatively straightforward, the underlying mechanical principles are complicated, and it is actually very difficult to build an accurate moon phase mechanism. The moon phase displays featured in countless ordinary watches today are based on a simplified mechanism that is surprisingly inaccurate. This is because the length of the orbital cycle of the moon around the earth is an extremely precise number: the best estimate according to modern astronomers is 29.530588853 days. Obviously, it is incredibly difficult to replicate this figure accurately, even with modern watchmaking technology. Making a truly accurate moon phase mechanism has been one of the great challenges that has occupied watchmakers for many years now.

The Real Moon Jewel features the Real Moon module developed by Christiaan Van der Klaauw, which is considered to be one of the most accurate approximations to the actual orbital cycle of the moon ever produced, boasting an error margin of one day per 100,000 years. It is truly a masterpiece that represents the pinnacle of modern mechanical watchmaking.
The stunning display, entirely commensurate with the Real Moon name, coupled with the lavish decorative touches on the module, makes this a highly attractive piece.

The moon display is rendered in three dimensions, as opposed to the conventional flat disc. In other words, the moon is rendered by a whole sphere that is embedded in the watch face and complemented by an array of sparkling diamonds.
The moon shines brightly against the aventurine glass backdrop that represents the heavens above. As you gaze down at the watch face, it feels like you are appreciating the brilliance of the moon under a blanket of stars. Such is the bewitching enchantment of this piece.

The effect is further enhanced by the beautiful white gold bezel case, twin rows of the finest brilliant cut diamonds arranged with expert precision, an aventurine glass dial, and of course the Real Moon display.

The automatic winding movement is visible through the transparent back of the watch case. The elaborate and beautifully finished rotor winding mechanism, dubbed the Real Moon rotor, moves around a central ring featuring the sun motif. The rotor is semicircular with several stars cut into it, and boasts a beautiful high-precision guilloché finish. In the middle of the rotor is a highly realistic moon weight, showing incredible detail of surface craters. The shaft and movement are held in place with blue steel screws and synthetic ruby bearings that provide a wonderful color contrast.

In 2014 it was recognized with the prestigious European Watch of the Year award from well-known London-based website 0024

Real Moon Joure Custom Made White gold with aventurine dial Diamonds bezel 3D-Moon with diamonds




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Features include automatic winder
40 mm case

18K white gold case, bezel with twin rows of brilliant cut diamonds

transparent back
96 hour power reserve
alligator strap

and specially designed box with coil spring winder.