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An artistic genius who creates otherworldly mechanisms that are kinetic sculptures representing time itself.

Born 1950 in Belgrade in the former Yugoslavia (now Bosnia and Herzegovina), Miki Eleta moved to Switzerland in 1973. Since formally launching a career as a kinetic artist and clockmaker in 1996, he has established himself as one of the foremost artists working in the field today. In 2003 Eleta built the clock that hangs at the entrance of the International Museum of Horology at La Chaux-de-Fonds, and also contributed a music performing kinetic sculpture to the CIMA Museum of Music Boxes and Automatons. Since 2004 he has concentrated mainly on creating custom-made clocks to client specifications. Eleta’s first exhibit at Basel World in 2006 brought him global acclaim as a clockmaker specializing in time sculptures from a fantasy world. Since then he has also exhibited at shows in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Geneva and London among others. Eleta enjoys taking a pure approach to his art, sketching initial ideas, fabricating the parts and components by hand, then assembling them to create the finished timepiece. It his part of his philosophy to never make the same clock twice.

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Tres Caracoles
Tres Caracoles (Three Snails) Released 2014
Musical complication clock with time and music functionality
Miki Eleta is an independent clockmaker and a kinetic artist who consistently creates unique clock art pieces that are one of their kind – he never replicates a design or mechanism twice.
Every component of the Tres Caracoles (Three Snails) has been hand-crafted by Miki himself in his workshop, and assembled with his own hands to create a highly artistic and unique table clock.

The Tres Caracoles was first unveiled at the world’s largest watch and jewelry trade fair, BaselWorld, in, Switzerland, in 2014. The clock is beautifully decorated with blue enamel, and the brass pendulum swings once every second. The escapement has been developed by Miki himself and enables timekeeping precision to chronometer standards.

To the left of the pendulum is a disk-shaped hour display; to its right is a retrograde minute display; and further right is a disk-shaped world clock with city names engraved on it. Behind the pendulum is a date display, while the moon-phase and constellation display is situated behind the head of the pendulum’s axis.

On the gears behind the world clock at the extreme right front of the timepiece, seven glass dancers and four glass musicians of a few centimeters in height put on a show for about 10 seconds every time the musical movement of the timepiece goes into action. With the rotating of the propeller, positioned at the very top of the timepiece toward the back, the disk on which the dancers are positioned also rotates, making them dance in time to the music played by the chimes.This unique timepiece tells time as well as performs music – it is like having a circus on your table.

No other clock in the world features such a fantasy-filled design and dazzling mechanism.

Tres Caracoles (Three Snails)
Released 2014


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Size in mm (approx):

390 x 350 x 125 (WHD)