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Ludovic Ballouard is something of a latecomer to the world of watchmaking. At one stage he had given up on his ambition to be a watchmaker. But then his passion returned and he moved to Switzerland to pursue his true calling.

Ballouard was born in 1971 in the northwest of France. His father came from Saint-Brieuc in Brittany, while his mother was Dutch. He grew up surrounded by nature, listening to the sounds of the wind and the ocean. As a child he loved constructing things and assembling radio-controlled airplane models, and this later evolved into a fervent interest in watchmaking. He studied horology in Rennes, where he was regarded as highly gifted. It was then that Ballouard decided that he would one day be a creator of artistic watches designed to amaze and delight. But he soon found out that France lacked a flourishing watchmaking scene like Switzerland, and in despair abandoned his dream, working instead for six years as an engineer of airplane control panels. But the passion never left, and eventually he resolved to make the move to Geneva. There he spent three years working for the Franck Muller brand, followed by seven years under the tutelage of leading watchmaker Francois-Paul Journe, learning about the construction and adjustment of grand complication movements. In 2009 he started designing models under his own name. With his exceptional skills, enthusiasm, creative flair and eye for beauty, Ballouard is one of the preeminent independent watchmakers of the new generation.

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"Upside Down" Unique piece Platinum case set with diamonds
A stunning and innovative timepiece
that puts on a fascinating show every hour
Ludovic Ballouard’s overarching aim is to create watches with mechanisms that are innovative, aesthetically striking and above all, unique. He shares the passion of the master watchmakers of history, and through his creative output has himself become part of the legend.

Ballouard’s work has attracted much attention from watch aficionados. The Upside Down is the first piece to be released under his own name.

The key attraction of the Upside Down is the unique patented mechanism that rotates the numerals.

The numerals on the watch face appear upside down, with the exception of the numeral that indicates the current hour.

The minute hand is mounted in the centre of the dial and completes a full circle every hour, just like a regular watch. As it reaches the 12 o’clock position, the current hour rotates 180° to appear upside down and the new hour rotates to the correct orientation.

Thus, we witness the spectacle of two numerals simultaneously performing a little somersault on the watch face.

The watch case is made of platinum – a metal that has an elegant luster and is both rarer and denser than gold. It is a unique piece which boasts three rows of high-quality brilliant-cut diamond pavé (a type of jewel setting that resembles an orderly cobbled street) on the bezel and lugs. The crown-guard on either side of the crown, and the buckle on the alligator strap also have high quality brilliant-cut diamonds in a pavé setting.

As the name “Upside Down” suggests, this timepiece adopts an hour indication mechanism that is unique in the world of watchmaking. The numbers on the dial are all upside down, with only the number indicating the current hour turned right-side up. To make it even easier to read, there is a dot on the bottom right of the number that indicates the current hour.

The diamond-studded platinum case and lugs are carved out of a single block, and the edges of the lugs are flawlessly polished. The sapphire crystal cover is designed to seamlessly integrate with the case, and the crown is hand-carved. The quality and setting technique of the brilliant-cut diamonds are also of extremely high standards.

Through the transparent back of the case, one can view and enjoy the unique mechanism which was developed entirely by Ballouard himself and enables the hour indicator to flip over on the stroke of each hour.

On the case, the model name and the words “PIECE UNIQUE” are engraved. The initials L.B., standing for Ludovic Ballouard, are engraved on the side of the strap’s diamond-studded platinum buckle.
The mother-of-pearl dial gleams differently depending on the angle at which light falls on it. The combination with the platinum case and the sparkling diamonds provides a unique effect and a highly refined timekeeping experience for the proud owner of this watch.

"Upside Down" Unique piece Platinum case set with diamonds




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Hand-wound watch
Mother-of-pearl dial
Case diameter: 41 mm
Case thickness: 11 mm

Platinum case pavé-set with brilliant-cut diamonds

See-through back
Power reserve of approximately 36 hours
Water resistance: 3 atm

Alligator strap (with platinum buckle pavé-set with brilliant-cut diamonds)