The perfect watch is much more than a device that accurately measures time. It is a work of art giving shape to a fleeting moment, born from the skill of a true artisan. Its value can be passed down through the centuries and generations.
The Stella Polare collection is comprised of exquisite timepieces chosen through rigorous selection from works produced by independent creators who have devoted their skill and passion to their art. Every aspect, from the design and mechanism, to the finishing touches on the smallest detail, is unique and inspirational. These timepieces are valuable works of Horological Art by internationally renowned artists.


White gold with aventurine dial


(tax included)¥10,260,000-


Real Moon Joure Custom Made White gold with aventurine dial Diamonds bezel 3D-Moon with diamonds


(tax included)¥12,960,000-


Real Moon Joure Custom Made White gold case 2row diamond lunette 3D-Moon with diamonds


(tax included)¥11,880,000-

in preparation

Lady Orion with Diamonds Custom Made White gold case Full diamond case, 2 row diamond lunette Engraved Custom made rotor with Stella polare

(tax included)¥8,640,000-

in preparation

Real Moon 1980