Privacy policy
We consider it our social responsibility to recognize the importance of protection of personal information and to use and protect it properly. We give a commitment to strive to protect personal information.
Definition of personal information
Personal information is information concerning an individual and means information that can distinguish a specific individual, including name, telephone number and e-mail address.
Collection and use of personal information
We shall collect and use personal information solely for the purposes and within the scope described below:
Our collection and use of personal information shall be subject to the voluntary provision of personal information by a client. When a client provides her/his personal information, the relevant client shall be deemed to grant us the right to use her/his personal information in accordance with this policy.
・Conduct services necessary to confirm the reservation for a viewing;
・Provide information deemed useful and necessary for a client, including announcement of new products;
・Contact and confirm with a client in the course of business and collect opinions for improvement of services; and
・Respond to various inquiries.
Provision of personal information to a third party
Unless we have a due reason, such as required by the laws and regulations, we shall not disclose or provide personal information to a third party without prior consent of the relevant person.
Management of personal information
We shall appoint a person responsible for protection of personal information and provide sufficient security protection to prevent divulgation, loss, damage and other unsuitable handling of personal information. Further, we shall manage personal information provided by a client in a proper manner to keep it accurate and updated.
Reference to, revision or deletion of personal information
If a client desires to make a reference to, revise or delete her/his personal information provided to us, we shall fulfill such desires to the reasonable extent subject to confirmation of her/his identity.
Communication between your browser and our server via our designated form will be encrypted by SSL Encrypted Communication so that the entries in the form can be communicated in safety.
Revision of privacy policy
This privacy policy may be revised from time to time. Revision shall be announced on this site.